Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nature in the Backyard part 13

I'm counting Freddy the neighbor's cat in this batch because he scared the crap out of me the day he did this. I though he was some hairy little person trying to break into the house. I've never met his owner but I don't think the cat likes him much as he is always at our house trying to get in. Maybe it's because we feed him bacon and stuff.. (no, it's because he loves us..)..

When I'm in the backyard I sometimes hear a weird SCREE sound and a large bird whips by overhead and I never get a good enough look at it. Well, this time it sat on that wooden thing the farmer has in the back yard. I'm not sure what kind of bird it is..

This was a neat one. When I was making breakfast for the kids one morning I caught a flash of orange across the creek in our backyard. Turns out it was the fox that sometimes hangs around out back. Today it was circling the wild turkeys that often waltz across the back field. I wanted to stick around to see if the fox would try for one but I had to go to work! I don't think he did, those turkeys can be mean!

And the deer are back..

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