Wednesday, May 30, 2007


When Facebook opened up to the community at large in 2006 I remember hearing about it on some blog somewhere, checking it out and dismissing it as another myspace type thing. A poor man's auto blog chocked full-o ads. Well last month I got some invite through Facebook, I had some sorta pseudo account on there, not validated, half-set up and I finished it to reply to this concert invite I received. That was kinda cool. Facebook had added some smarts and it asked to go through my contacts list to see if any were on face book. "Sure!" I said (compromises my email password, why the HELL not!) and it found 25 people. I clicked on some names and next thing you know all these people are added to some list on the side and you can click on them and see what the heck they've been up to.

It was addictive. It was great to see what the hell people look like after all these years. Almost everyone's got kids, and they're all over the darned country! Most facebook profiles I looked at had funny sayings and stuff written by the people themselves. I thought to myself, "I have a blog, no way am I gonna write the same stuff in two places... No sense boring everyone twice(grin)". But hell, Facebook saw my blog and asked me if I wanted to set up an auto import. So it checks the blog every few hours and automatically imports the entries to facebook with a link back to the blog itself.

Not bad!

The weirdest thing is, once you get on there, and you add someone to your list of friends, their friends get a notification, and some of those people know you, so they add you and so on and so on, like some big friend virus, spun out of control.

Gotta go with market share with stuff like this. It's the biggest online social networking website, getting bigger every day,popular in Canada, (Toronto has the city record if you can believe it, 500,00 people registered)

Check it out if you haven't already. Not at work though, (poor slobs at Enviro canada have it blocked har har har!)

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