Friday, May 04, 2007

Tripper's 1000th cache

(Ok, actually that's Kenmore in the nightshot on the left). We all went out to see Tripper bag his 1000th geocache on BLAMMO! GrizzlyG's monsterous and hated creation for GAG10, the semi annual geo-fest that takes place in Ottawa. It was a hoot.
At some point in the evening when we were treeing a poor porcupine badly in need of dental hygiene for a Kodak moment (I respect wildlife as long as they cooperate for photos first) he took some massive branch in the face and started bleeding all over the place. Because we are all Canadian we thought that was cool!
Some of the guys were in a very good mood that night (a Molson mood or something) and for some reason we kept yelling out "BLAMMO" for no good reason which usually elicited gales of laughter.
I made a Blammo puppet out of some paper bag one of the guys seemed to have (there's some weird web address on it). I called him Blammo and he proceeded to insult everybody and deflect attention away from the puppeteer (why does that work exactly?)

It was a great geocache! A little bit of everything. And any geocache that features Yoda has got to be a good one. Kenmore and I being east-enders racked up some caches along the way that Tripper and GrizzlyG had already done. I also took the opportunity to do Tripper's Swamp Monster cache, which is in a few feet of water. Being dressed as Batman adds a whole other level of difficulty.

As we were messing around on that one, I caught a Canada Goose shacked up for the night on a big pile of dirt in the middle of the swamp. He just sat there. We didn't seem to be bugging him too much.

Congrats on 1000!

Near the end of the night I came across a huge turd pile, which reminded me of a funny geocaching story I heard that I'll have to blog in another post....

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Tripper said...

Ahh the memories. All in all it was a fun and funny night. Thanks for documenting it.

Always a good time but impossible to explain to a non-geocacher... and even some of them don't get the night raid thing.