Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not again..... Sens down 2 games

Two games down? That's the Ottawa I know!

I want them to win but &*%$#@*&^#%#$ that game reminded me of the 1992/93 season. I call it the SKATE!!!!! SHOOT!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!!! season because that's what the crowd used to yell in the first season and it's what I was yelling at the TV tonight. Not gonna win giving the puck to the Duck's defense on every (I'm not gonna say rush)
forward movement into the offensive zone. Can't carry it in, can't dump it, Oh well. 15 shots? Spectacular. It's gonna take 30 to get one, at least the ducks are shooting!!!!!!



Somebody better chew a piece outta someone's ass for that game!

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Lifto said...

A truly sucktacular effort! I could have sworn that they just said they weren't going to do all of the things they just did. Sidorkiewicz played great, but he can't carry the whole load! Somebody has to at least score a goal or 2. I don't think Yashin won a single freaking face-off, Peluso suddenly decided he didn't like to hit and Laurie Boschman ain't no Conn Smythe candidate these days!...