Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Canadian Guitar Festival 2007

A few weeks ago I went to the Canadian Guitar festival in Kingston. I've been there two years in a row now to help film it which is always a blast. There are times I wish I got into broadcasting as a profession, but heck, I picked computers and things have a way of working out.

I got to see some old friends I'm a fan of, and some new artists I've never heard of, but was totally impressed by. You can check the line-up out on the website. Brooke Miller was there playing cuts from her fantastic new CD (Yeah, I know I take too many pics of Brooke, but the camera loves her and she puts some up on her website and it makes me feel like a Rolling Stones photographer!).

Andy Mckee was there (I'll be seeing him again in September in Cannington, and they're all booked for a Canada tour with Don Ross sometime in October). Del moved it from the Odessa fairgrounds this year to a new campground he recently purchased, so it's kinda like Trailerpark Boys do Winfield(grin) - but with style!.

They had some new guitar makers out this year and I'm reminded that I picked a luthier (Tony Karol)out at the last guitar festival to make me up a custom geeeee-tar! It should be done in December of this year! If you've never checked out this fabulous festival, check it out next year!

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Kenmore said...

Isn't it a "Rolling Stone" photographer? Although I'm sure the Rolling StoneS have their own photographers as well... Either way its always great to be "published".