Saturday, August 25, 2007

My mom and the motorcycle cop.

I just got back from vacation. We spent a week up at Sandbanks provincial park at the Sand Dunes in a tricked out 39 foot trailer that would have made Ricky and Julian proud! My parental units were up at the park around the same time. My mom was driving up a few days before us and she was cruising along at 140 or so and passed a nice shiny white motorcycle with some lights on posts in the back. Right after she passed it she was tired of going fast and slowed down to 110 or so.. Just then the lights on the motorcycle behind her started to flash and the motorcycle cop she had just passed was pulling her over(grin).

He seemed incredulous that she had passed him when he was doing 130. He said stuff like:
"Wasn't I going fast enough for ya?"
"Are you mocking me?" etc.

Of course my mom didn't get a ticket. She never gets tickets. She starts to cry and the cop starts to feel bad and lets her off with a warning to slow it down.

I'm going to cry the next time I get pulled over and see if it works for me too!

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