Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Poop Crayon

Ever wonder why some restrooms at public facilities like movie theaters and restaurants don't have paper towels sometimes? They'll typically use air-dryers and no paper towels at all. One reason may be the odd appearance of the poop crayon from time to time.

Take the Orleans Cineplex for instance. They never had paper towels, until a change in management occurred, and the new management declared (as new management often does) "We MUST have paper towels in the bathrooms!".

Everyone had forgotten why there were no paper towels in the first place, but this question was soon answered the night some patron voided his bowels in the rest room (this typically occurs in the Men's room) and wasn't satisfied to leave it at that. This person(or persons) got some new paper towels ("Hey, they didn't have these before!"), fished Mr Poopy from the toilet bowel, swaddled it in paper towels and proceeded to paint a big poopy picture on the restroom wall.

Having worked at a theater as a teenager, I have no idea what I would have done if I had walked in during a restroom check and found some stupid ass kid painting on the wall with his own fecal matter (I'm assuming it was his own).

"Drop the poop crayon kid!"

There.. so now you know!

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