Thursday, August 02, 2007

The lost digital watch

For the last few nights, I've been hearing a damned beep in my computer room every hour on the hour. I think it's the Suntro watch I broke and then misplaced (so much for unbreakable watches). It was the black one with the compass and barometric pressure analyzer. It was a cool watch. It was so big people would always ohh and ahh over it, like it was some big freakin diamond ring or something.

I sounds like it has miraculously repaired itself and I'm trying to look for it but I have to be in the vicinity for the chime and so far I've missed it every time.

It's probably still screwed up as I've changed the battery twice and it still acts up. I need a new watch. The cheap-ass one I bought as a stop-gap actually has hands that move and it ticks and keeps me up at night. With this stupid watch I have spidey hearing and it drives me nutzo. I want cold digital silence!

Anyone have any suggestions?


Jennifer said...

1. Ask Jade and Jasmyn to find the watch.

2. Put the stop-gap watch in a drawer at night.

Zartimus said...

If I drop it on the carpet I can't hear it, however, when I wake up at 3:00am I don't know what the damn time is!

I need a new watch is all.

Anonymous said...


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