Saturday, December 12, 2009

The BB e-cigarette

A coworker has stumbled upon a new way to quit smoking. They're called e-cigs. They use a Vail of 24 mg Tennesee smoke juice to simulate smoke and give the user a tiny bit of nicotine. The smoke is actually steam. With one of these rigs you go through the motions of smoking, with a huge decrease in the toxic intake of a regular cigarette.

The funny thing is when someone lights up one of these things indoors. It's technically not illegal . It makes for some interesting confrontations. An expensive way to quit smoking.

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JR said...

Some good info but.....steam? Technically it's just water vapor and e-cigs are not "lit up" as there is no combustion and as such nothing is burning. Expensive way to quit smoking? I guess if you compare this to cold turkey then yes I would agree but as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes it is cheaper. I'm no expert but I am a former 35 year regular cigarette smoker that has "kicked the smoking habit" with e-cigs! Hallelujah e-cigs!

Clarice Fullington said...

So electronic vaporizers are the in thing now, huh? Well, I think it's better to let out vapor than smoke. But it would be so much better if one could do it hands free, don't you think? I'm sure with our technology now, such thing exists already.