Monday, December 21, 2009

My new man bag, fanny pack, side satchel-type thing and iPhone case..

I started carrying one of these things around in college, in the early 90's when a classmate had one and I saw how much crap you could cram in them. I endured many unflattering remarks and fashion comparisons but the things were too practical to give a damn! The first one I had was black. Then a few years later I scored a brown leather one and carried that around for years until it fell apart(I've always been more of a brown-leather jacket wearing guy than a black leather jacket guy, and it carried over here) . Well, it's that time of year again, several side satchels later, the old one has fallen apart and I was on the lookout for a new one when I happened to walk into a Roots store.

I saw this thing called a "village pack in tribe leather". This thing was perfect! The belt is a bit short though. It JUST fits. This ain't for the stout of waist.

Since I had just bought an iPhone I also did some research on cases for the 3Gs and decided on a great flip case from BeyzaCASES. They had one in a nice vintage leather. I've already dropped the phone in the snow and left it there for about five minutes with no ill effects in this case, so it's held up fine thus far! It's got holes in all the right spots so you can do whatever you need to do and leave it in the sleeve.

I've had them strapped on for a few weeks now and someone told me if I added a hammer that I'd look like Mike Holmes.


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Are you gonna blog on Avatar?

Tripper said...

Side man purse description... "Hand rubbed to give a distinct vintage look". Dude you're officially a prime candidate for Queer Eye.