Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free HP Bladecenter training for gophers

I was on an HP course a few weeks ago, learning about their blade-center hardware and software. It was a pretty intense course, we got to rip apart the blade enclosures, physically and virtually, and try just about any weird thing we wanted to simulate failures (which, I might add, is pretty hard to do with the modular design of the HP's, since they bought out all that great Proliant technology from Compaq years ago). The course was held out in Kanada at a recently purchased big empty building surrounded by green space. I saw deer and geese and gophers all over the place. There was a huge window at the back of the class and looking through it I noticed a fairly big gopher hole right on the edge of the building.

 At one point, I was going through a lab and I heard a "kathunk" sound. I turned around and there was this gopher with his nose right up against the glass. I looked at him and he looked over at me and then turned his attention to the board at the front. he was looking at the instructor. This gopher was getting free training man! Usually rodents don't understand the "invisible force-field protecting me from the scary humans" concept of glass, but this guy was wise to it. He was not bothered in the least, (maybe it was like television for him). If he does this every day, he can come and work on my team man!

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