Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nice to be back amonst IT geeks. The Darth Vader Urinal

About 5 or 6 months ago I switched positions at my place of work., I went from Project Management/ Development/ Database Monkey stuff to our Server Support Infrastructure section. Basically from Software Dev to Hardware/OS Support of Windows Servers (years ago I did both at the same time but then they consolidated and siloed everything). It's been a  great move, the people on my team are very cool and although I worked here for over a year about 11 years ago, I'd forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by hard-core IT junkies. I went from being one of the only people in my old division voiding the warranties of all my electronic devices to a whole division full of people doing it. And it's obvious mostly through the humour that gets put on display.

Case in point. When our urinals are busted, the cleaning staff tapes garbage bags around them so people don't use them, flush them, and flood the place with unpleasant liquids. Now I had never made the connection that affixing said garbage bag to the urinal looks a bit like the Dark Lord of the Sith's cape, but someone on my floor did. They printed out a Darth Vader head shot and little electronic doohickey from the front of his armor and pasted it on the "black-bagged" urinal. Then a quote appeared. The quote gets changed almost every other day.

I love working here! (no jokes about us having too much time on our hands, we work hard., fast, and efficient, with tons of stress factors and you need to do stuff like this to laugh once and awhile).

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