Friday, April 15, 2011

iPad2 Fedex World Tour

Some shippers love to send stuff away from you before eventually swinging it back in your direction. I ordered an iPad2 a few weeks back and was excited when I started getting Fedex emails. They shipped it to MISSISSAUGA, ON, CANADA, 5 hours away from my house just to tease me before carting it off to OAKLAND, CA, USA and then MEMPHIS, TN, USA. Probably the moon next. I found this great thread entitled "WTF is Fedex retarded?" that seems to do a good job explaining why. This guy's stuff also went to Alaska and he was pissed that it had been subjected to -40 temperatures and most likely manhandled by clumsy guys in parkas.

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Kenmore said...

Check the log...your package didn't get to Missasauga after Anchourage... its labelled "in transit". What that means is the customs guy has the paperwork in place for when it arrives. It also didn't go to Hong Kong... but the paperwork was processed there. Your package went from China to Anchourage to Oakland to Memphis (their "hub") and then to Missisauga and on to you(though your history doesn't show that).

Can't speak to freezing temps or clumsy guys in parkas though ;)