Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GelaSkin skins for Ipad2

I ordered an iPad 2 online a few weeks back, not wanting to stand in line at the Apple store at 5:00am. Oddly enough I know people who got their hands on some Saturday after the Friday 5:00pm launch, but their don't have "Say hello to my little friend" engraved on the back!! As it turns out I'm probably gonna cover that up as I stumbled across some very cool skins for iPad2 on a site by a company called Gelaskin that lets you do up your own! This is one I made from an existing Fractal.
What you get is a back skin and a front border frame skin and then you use wallpaper on your desktop to complete the image. The site is in Toronto and the iPad2 ones go for $29.95 CDN. Check some of the professional ones out!

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