Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Annie Brocoli

Both my kids, 5 and 1.5 are hooked on this crazy lady from Quebec. We now have 3 of her DVD's. Today I put one on while I collected the garbage and my 1.5 year old sat glued in her seat for about 20 minutes. This is unheard of. She is usually trying to blow the speakers on the surround sound, drink water out of the dishwasher or see how much Kleenex she can eat in one sitting when I'm not paying attention. As much as I hate using the visual teat (hey that's TV backwards!) it's nice to keep them entertained for 1/3rd of an hour while you do something fun like waste management.
You'd think songs about Germaine (not Michael's brother) the Vegetarian Frog would be kinda weird but in french it all seems to make perfect sense.. On the plus side, Annie is pretty cute, so.. uhh.. I don't mind watching it either.. For my kids that is...

Also, the visual effects used in her films, CGI, green screen, practicals, are very well done, all stuff I'm interested in, and are attainable on the home computer these days.
Did I mention she was cute?

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