Sunday, January 22, 2006

Snowfall = no TV!

It snowed today. Like.. a lot! Got up and half the TV channels weren't working so the day started with a trip up the ladder onto the snowy roof to clear the Sat dish. This is a pic from the top of my garage. My old 1993 Civic looks great covered with snow 'cause you can't see the rust! Most of my neighbors had cleared their driveways and I thought it was funny that anyone walking by would see a trail from the front door, to a ladder up the garage, footprints to the roof and a clean sat dish. They'll know my priorities for sure!!

One good thing about waiting so long to clean the driveway.. The neighbor snowblowed it for me! (I was watching TV)..


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Zartimus said...

Great. Spammers are reading my blog.

Oh well. At least someone is. ;-)