Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Garbage Pile

My friend Slava has been telling me stories about his bad neighbor for years now. Well, it seems those stories will be no more because the neighbor has moved (or the bank has foreclosed, no one is quite sure). In any event, the kind-hearted boyfriends of the owner's teenaged daughters were nice enough to come by after moving day and collect the garbage festering inside the domicile and skillfully pile it at the foot of the driveway for the city sanitation workers to collect. You know... that thing we do the night before garbage day? Collect the waste we've been saving up all week and bag it individually into acceptable garbage containment devices (like bags, trashcans) so the nice men that work the garbage trucks can hoist it effortlessly into the compactor?

This was their take on how that's supposed to work.

After that there were a few days of freezing rain, so I'm told it had this really nice layer of ice all around it for awhile. Someone phoned the city and they sent a bylaw officer by to see if it merited the $1500 fine you can get (apparently it did) but they're having trouble locating the previous owner. It looks like eventualy the city came by with a front-end loader and a garbage truck and they carted it all away.


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Rollerman said...

makes me feel like cleaningup my garage :)