Friday, January 13, 2006

Peter Jackson's King Kong

It was great to see it for a second time (with my wife this time around) and take in stuff I missed before. For a 3 hour plus film, it's amazing how the early scenes fly by to set the picture up. I can't wait for the 4 hour special edition DVD that is invariably going to come from this. The director left a lot of loose ends in there that he did not tie up that must involve story lines that hit the cutting room floor (what's up with feral cabin boy Jimmy anyhow?). One thing that was missing from the 1930's and 1970's Kong films was when Kong tries to disrobe the damsel in distress. I heard Jackson took it out to emphasis the uhh, freindship between woman and beast.. Ok.. I was thinking it was a Hungry Gorilla and food type relationship, but he's got the Oscar, not me! Great flick!!

I saw this flick a few weeks before with Tripper and some other folks over the Xmas holidays. I remember at that showing, it was a snow day, the buses were not running, and the theatre was crammed with disgruntled youth. We were sitting in front of a pile of obnoxious kiddies that I quietly went Tony Soprano on before the movie started. It was funny because I made a point of stepping over the back of my big comfy cinema seat instead of walking 3o feet down the aisle. They can chuck popcorn and yell at the screen all they want while the trailers roll, but when the flick starts they have to shut up. I think I ruined their movie experience because they didn't even laugh at the funny bits in the movie after out little meetin'.

I used to work at a theatre. Sometimes I forget that I don't work there anymore.

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King Kong SUCKS