Friday, July 14, 2006

Fun at the park and the Gazelles that play tag

So I'm at the park the other day with the kids, and they are playing tag with some 11-12 year olds. Fast as gazelles the older kids are (the skinny ones that is) and my five year old kid and her freind can't catch them. So she's it and she comes over and tags me, 'cause I'm not playing and just standing there. So like a good father, I ask her "Which one of these kids do you want to be it hunnybun?" and WHAMMO, explode out of the gate, kids scatter everywhere but I chase one down.

The Cheetah, the worlds fastest animal, can go up to 64 MPR in short bursts and has better acceleration than a Lamborghini MurciƩlago. The Gazelle (AKA lunch) can go about 60MPH. 4 MPH slower, but you know what? It corners better! It's the same with these kids at the park. You gotta take them in a straightaway. So next thing you know on of them is it and they try and tag me (hey, ever heard of 10-second touchbacks? Or is that too old school?). So I take off, like zee Cheetah and the Gazelle is chasing me furiously but can't catch me, so she goes and tags her freind who keeps up the pursuit, but she can't catch me either, so she tags a third kid who was just waiting there and he takes up the chase.

Man I'm getting tired! This kid tags the origional kid (the fastest one) and it's not too long after that they tag me cause I'm so freakin old and tired..

So then I went and tagged a chubby kid and went back to watching my kids.

After awhile another young parent joined in the game of tag, and she was nice and let the younger kids tag her. At one point, one of my kid's playmates, a little boy who lives just up the road was chasing this lady and she was backpedalling trying to get away and he planted a tag on her by mashing her left boob. She ignored it because he's like five and it was obviously un-intentional and chased right after him..

"Ahh" , I remarked to another father who saw it take place... "To be a kid again..."

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