Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I got a shredder!

I got a $20 cross cutting shredder at Cosco today! Where has this thing been all my life! I've been shredding stuff since I got home! It's not for the kiddies though. I unplug it when it's not in use even though it's got a pretty good safety roller along the paper entry slit. I want to keep my fingers (and my kid's fingers ) intact. I used to shred my personal stuff at work on our Uber shredder 2000.
I was at a tradeshow one year and saw this thing. They were feeding it diskettes, CDR's and CD cases, poodles, co-op students, whatever they could get their hands on. I joked to our admin officer when she was speccing them to "Be sure it can shred CD's!". She thought I was serious. However, it has come in handy. Every once and awhile though, it kicks back and sprays you with shiny bits of oxidized plastic.

Mine isn't that powerful, but get this, it has a built in pencil sharpener(with a tiny cup to catch the wood and lead debris - I'm somehow reminded of my stupid classmates in the 7th grade who would try and smoke the stuff that came out of the pencil sharpener).


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Ruby said...

It's important that we have a paper shredding machine in our own home, so that we can easily destroy all the important files that we don't need. By the way, it has been a long time since you bought it. How's your paper shredding machine now? I hope that you are maintaining it regularly.

Ruby Badcoe