Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day weekend

Well, with my younger daughter puking up a storm for the 2nd day in a row, I sat on the couch and practiced economy picking on the guitar all day Canada day while she sat in her comfy chair with a towel watching Annie Broccoli vids and the occasional DVD of 'Band of Brothers'. My wife took our eldest down to Parliament hill to partake in the Canada day festivities, snowbirds, face painting and fireworks!

The next day we just stayed around home and flew my kite in some amazingly heavy 100 kmph winds. It was so strong that it dragged Jade across the soccer field until she let go of the string reel(I went chasing after it). It crashed a few times, rocketing to earth like a kamakazi plane but it was so windy, I'd chase it down, chuck it up in the air and it would climb right up to 300 feet in about 5 seconds.
We should have quit while we were ahead. On one of those tosses into the air, it caught the biggest gust of wind up until that point and it sheared the 60 pound test fishing leader I had on there (the string held) and the kite went flying away, halfway across the neighborhood. I was lucky (again) to catch sight of it just as it blew off some guy's roof.
I've never lost this 17 year old kite! WooHoo!

Then, the holiday Monday, we went Berry picking. In the totally wet and pungent berry field. I felt like a hippy (as I was surrounded by what I took to be hippies picking said berries).

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