Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ebay emailed to say Sonic's not coming....

It was bound to happen, I buy enough stuff off of there.. I won an auction last week for a stuffed toy for my Kid. Sonic the Hedgehog! Woohoo! My 6 year old plays the video game and likes the TV show so I thought it would be neat to track down a stuffed toy for her. I found one on Ebay and got it for $7 (plus $10 shipping from the good old USA ouch!), ok, $17, BUT you can't get them easy and I don't have time to scour the Salvation Army stores.

I paid for it right away with PayPal and the next day I got a nice email from Ebay that they have terminated the seller's auctioning privileges.. That is usually a sign that the seller is not sending out the stuff he's posted just in some cases is just keeping people's money for fun.

So with a relatively inexpensive item I get to find out if Paypal recompensation works at all. I have heard it is NOT buyer friendly and it's like pulling teeth to get your money back after someone has decided to just keep it. I filed a claim and escalated it right away. We'll see what happens. Funny thing is, I have the guy's real name, address, and even an alternative shipping address with some other person's name. His girlfriend maybe? What can I do with that I wonder?

I always check feedback and this guy's was 100% but had relatively few transactions. The day after I paid him, he had one bad feedback and then Ebay closed his account. Doh!

And since I had told my daughter what I had ordered, I had to order ANOTHER one on Ebay to replace the one that ain't coming(actually it was a package of 4 of them, a bit better deal). This new guy shipped it an hour after I paid. Guy's like that are what Ebay's all about. I need to stick with people who have 1000+ transactions.

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Anonymous said...

I have had a ebay episode like that and harassment works! Took a few months though to get my money back but it was worth it as it was around 100$ Email the person and ebay and paypal and keep doing it.