Monday, March 05, 2007

Xbox Live rednecks

I signed up for Xbox live last week. I managed to hook it up with my neighbor who is on all the time (after figuring out the Xbox blade interface and remembering to throttle down my rabid bittorrenting of public domain nature documentaries) and it's pretty fun. You get a headset and VOX activated mic and when you link up with someone you can hear them and they can hear you as you play the same game. You can choose to hear them on your TV or in your headset or both. I chose both. After a few tests I told my neighbor that I was leaving the console and that I'd talk to him the next day.
He didn't disconnect and for the next 15 minutes I could listen to him swear at his TV while he played Gears of War while I read some Xbox Live forums on my PC. I'm positive he didn't know I could hear him. I got to thinking, hey, this could be a CSI episode. Some guy's playing an online game with a headset, he disconnects but can still hear the audio feed from the other guy's console and he accidentally overhears him committing murder or something.

I turned it off then, I have no time to go to court. Plus it was late and should his wife come down the stairs in lingerie then..

So a few days ago my neighbor wasn't on so I started a game and made it so anyone in the universe could join. I'm playing solo and then this guy pops on. Judging from his accent, he is obviously from the southern United States. We chat and kill Locusts (GOW bad guys) and after a few minutes I can hear that his wife/girlfriend/boss has entered the room. She starts yelling at him about something but I can only hear the conversation when he yells back because that's when the VOX microphone gets activated. Since she was speaking while he was interrupting I was able to comprehend that:

1. The trailer was a %$#&@*&?% mess (no stereotypes people!)
2. There was no more wine coolers

Hehehehe. He's yelling at her that he's "Trying to play a ?%$#@* game woman! GIT!" and that only seemed to piss her off more. I heard him twist the headset around in back of his head which just make the audio more choppy 'cause the mic was still activating.

After 2 minutes of this he said he had to go, "sorry bout that, my woman's *&$@# crazy..".

No probs man. Go buy some wine coolers and clean that trailer!


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