Thursday, March 08, 2007

Movie Release tags explained

Speaking of movies leaked as R5's TS's TC's. If you've ever been confused over which is which, here is an order of quality (with links to definitions off the scene website).

R1/2 retail DVD Rip Ripped right off the commercial DVD
DVDSCR Ripped off those vid store or academy award screeners. Not a lot of clean up done on these but the quality is great
R5 Retail Ditto like above, rushed out the door to combat the Russian movie pirates
Telecine Copied vid and audio digitally right off the reel. Pretty rare.
Telesync Video cam in projection booth with an audio feed off the projector
Cam Video cam in the audience with crappy sound from on board mic, people in the audience getting up in front of the cam, coughing, audience laughter, etc.. These suck...

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