Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kidnapping cache gnomes

Yesterday I attended a Geocaching get together and we got to talking about the weird Ottawa thing with geocaches and garden gnomes. A lot of these geocachers are new and didn't hear about some of the gnome kidnappings that took place back in the early caching days in 2002. Basically I kidnapped Tick and Nammie's Gnome Forester (actually it was Bigfoot who kidnapped him, it was just my idea) and took him to work, played hockey with him, took him in the hot tub, etc. He had a good time. I put him to work shovelling the snow off my satellite dish, fixing my servers etc.. He stayed with my troll collection while he was away from his cache.
He was well-fed and had few complaints. On the last day he got to watch a UFC pay per view, as well as a midnight screening of a James Bond movie. A good time had by all.

Here are the origional geocaching logs of the first kidnapping with photos.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Then in 2003, I kidnapped their other gnome, Soloman, and he got to go to Cuba! Gnomes gone wild! A good time had by all!

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4


seen but not heard said...

Ha! This thing with the gnomes, did it just happen in your area, or was it some sort of big thing? I ask because in 2002 my mom had a bunch of her gnomes stolen from our front yard, we always figured they just took a trip :D.

David said...

Hi there,
My name is David Liban and I am a professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. I teach video production and also I am a filmmaker. I am doing a documentary on Geocaching, and one of my subjects makes mention of your activities as a Geocacher in Batman garb. The reason I am writing is that I found a few photos of you in your outfit on Flickr, and I was hoping that I could include them in my documentary. I think it would be a nice addition. This is a not-for-profit venture where in best case scenario I would be showing the film at film festivals. So I am hoping that you may give me permission to use these photos.
Thank you for your consideration,
David Liban

Binrat said...

Zartimus is famous, but I wonder where he heard about him.......

TOMTEC said...

He he, I've encountered a number of Gnomes while out caching... even salvaged one from a garden gnome graveyard I discovered near a cache. Decided to turn that one into a travel bug... he now wanders the earth in search of his head! TB4F15 - Trying to get Ahead