Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Geocache! Zartimus snippet

Geocache! A documentary by David Liban. Came out last year. It's been on PBS a few times and it's a well done glimpse at the hobby itself. He went out to film Geowoodstock and a Canadian geocacher I know named Binrat was out there and mentioned what a weirdo I was, so David (great name) contacted me and asked if he could stick something about me on there, and use a few stills from my Flickr site. I had a great time talking film with him as I've done a few just for fun Internet flicks and he promised that he wouldn't make me out to be too weird (which was ok, I have his business card and I know where he lives now).

I like how he did it, the purple-blue sideways camera slant. Kirok slid it out of the main film and stuck it up somewhere so I copied it here.

Embedded copy

He's also got an interesting piece entitled CAR-HENGE on his site. Man there are some motivated people with heavy farm machinery out there!

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