Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oops! When Nikon 18-200mm's get dropped

And not even by me! My wife took it into the Nikon licensed facility and it got sent away to have the barrels re-calibrated. The cracked lens you see on the front is the safety lens, the actual optics are intact (hurray safety lens, I'm so glad I bought one!). This is like the best lens in the Nikon line. When I first got my hands on one two years ago (thanks to my friend Jim, who placed orders everywhere and ended up giving me his name when two stores called him saying they had a lens for him) I strapped it on the camera and never took it off. Except for low-light concert type settings where you need a fast lens, this is a great zoom and a wide angle with Anti-vibration all in the same package. Read all about it on Ken Rockwell's website. He gushes over them!

Along the same lines of my photo up there, he has a drop test report on the lenses. Apparently they fare quite well. The main competitor's lenses, Cannon are all made of plastic and the Nikon's are metal. The Nikon's hit the ground and leave a crater, the Cannon's hit the ground and bounce.
Take your pick(grin). It's best not to drop them at all!

Mine should be back from the shop soon!

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