Monday, February 04, 2008

Tobogganing at Green's Creek

You can always tell when the toboggan hill at Green's Creek in Blackburn Hamlet is running good and fast by the number of emergency vehicles in the parking lot when you arrive. In this case, we got there before the ambulance and fire trucks, and just in time to see the 40-something guy go down the ice run with the insane dips and bumps on his flying saucer, take some air and land on his back. Ouch!

Maybe the guy had never been to the hill before, but man, I haven't gone down that pure ice run (it's there every year, kids must carve them out of the hill or something) since I was about 9, when the same thing happened to me, on my flying saucer (last time I ever used one of those too!).

I see a lot of people go down that hill who don't bother to try to steer too. What's up with that? You may as well get out on the road with your car and just cross your arms in front of your chest and hit the accelerator for 20 seconds and see where that gets you(grin). I find if you leave both arms at your sides you can use them like rudders/breaks and avoid killing yourself and others as you go from point A to point B.

I took the kids in our long sled and flew by this guy on either side of him for 15 minutes before the Fire truck got there. His buddies made him a little lean-too out of toboggans and crowded around him to protect him from the cold. And from the other sledders who couldn't steer. There were a few that ditched to keep from slamming into him.

A few times as we walked up to the top, people arrived, having seen the emergency vehicles in the parking lot, saw the rescue crew in action and turned around and left(grin). Tobogganing's fun as long as you're half-way careful about it.

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chckn8r said...

Dude! You've got the same sled we do! How cool is that?

Kiddies and I are going to the big hill at the high school after school today... should be fun