Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tail-end of Ketosis

I've got 3-4 days to go on my first foray into Ketosis in about 6 months. Had to get rid of that 10 pounds of Christmas fat! Man it sucks though. I was reading the paper today and a leaflet for Pizza Pizza fell out and it was like free pornography. I kind of stared at the pizza picture for a few minutes, remembering what carbohydrates tasted like... And for supper tonight , my wife orders....Pizza...

I ate some left over fish from yesterday...(sigh)


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you had steered away from Cookie Dough - Double Fudge Blizzards.

Zartimus said...

And turkey, and apple pie, and potatoes and stuffing, and garlic bread, and copious amounts of shrimp, etc..

The list is endless.

I worked out that if I simply eat 300 less cals a day, I'd stay the same, exercising every other day for 30 minutes. That's like, a handful of cookies (or 1/4h of a DFCD Blizz)!