Monday, August 28, 2006

Draganfly RC Heli aerial video

Pop this one in the "Oh MAN I gotta get me one of THESE!!" category. I've been eyeing RC Heli's for a few years since I saw a guy flying one in a field near my work. I went over to talk to him but he wouldn't talk and fly at the same time so his friend answered all my questions. Apparently it's really hard to fly conventional RC heli's and you should practice on a computer sim for weeks before even trying to take one up in the air for real. The guy said "Your first crash will cost you $400, the next one $350.. The cost per crash goes down as you get better...."

That kinda turned me off the whole thing, until I saw a video of this thing. Regular RC copter's might be hard to fly, but this baby's got some space-aged thermo-gyroscopic stabilizer so it strives to stay level by itself at all times. In fact, if you manage to lose it behind a building out of radio range, or the batteries in your RC controller go down, it slows down and descends by itself to do it's best at an automatic safe landing.

It can lift 4 ounces. The thing I want it for is it's aerial photography abilities. You can chuck a wireless mini-cam on there and get some pretty good shots. Not perfect, but pretty damned good from what I can see (with some stabilization software). Check some of these examples out! This is wild! Depending on the rig you get, one of you flies and the other guy can point the camera as you watch the vid feed real-time down below.

I can think of tons of places to use that in shots. Heck, screw the camera, it's just fun to fly! For only 13-17 minutes at a shot though. hehehehe. Batteries weigh lot so it doesn't pack much per flight..

I'll keep thinking about it..

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