Friday, August 18, 2006

Hello 1966's Batman! Deja View, TV-Land

I did something the other day I should have done a long time ago. I subscribed to TV-Land and Deja-View on my Sat dish programming and it's like the 70's at my house again. 1966 Batman, Hogan's Heroes, Knight Rider, The Incredible Hulk! Hello!!!!!! Where has this station been all my life!! Yes there are still Bat freaks out there, same Bat time, Same Bat channel! I hope my 6 year old daughter can get into the old 1960's Batman. It's nice when we can both watch the same channel occasionally.

I also stumbled upon this web site of other crazy people who liked the old 1966 show. Check out the guy's Batgirl costume in the link above. I don't have to ask why he made it - I already know. Remember how great Yvonne Craig looked in that batsuit? (photo right - now I remember why I used to watch it as a kid). She was born in 1936 so she's be about 70 now! She was also that green girl in the original Star Trek series that James T Kirk got friendly with (I'm sensing a pattern in my television habits here).

Spock: "Captain, the Dilithium crystals are about to explode..."

Kirk: "Shut up Spock, can't you see I'm busy here!!"

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