Saturday, August 26, 2006

Trailerpark Geocachers Meet Bigfoot II - Pre-Vis

Pre-production has started for Trailerpark Geocachers meet Bigfoot II - The Return of Bigfoot, the sequel to the first film. The script is almost finished and I started the storyboards last week. Went high-tech this time, no more stick-men drawings or cheapie 2D paint programs like I used on the last one. We're going 3D all the way this time!!

Check out a sample of a 3d storyboard of intro sequence shots in flash (some are missing) out of a program called Frame Forge.

It takes a while to set up the sets and locations, but once they are there, you just drop cameras in and out where you need them and manipulate the actors and other objects as you see fit. Very cool!

The Bigfoot is kinda ugly (with red nail polish to boot) but there was no Bigfoot characters in the software. He's a reasonable facsimile. Tripper is carrying a garbage can that is doubling for something else. Whatever gets the story across.

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GWilliker said...

i'm not sure of the story but this is what i do know (given the pics). frame numbers are approx given their absence.

somewhere around frame 12 one girl gets something in the butt...which leads to the other girl getting an erection around frame 20....

is that right?