Friday, August 11, 2006


We made the yearly pilgrimage to Sandbanks near Picton again this year. Actually, it was closer to the Sand Dunes this time. We rented a trailer just down from the dunes and pretty much walked down a path to get to what you see in the photo. Great spot if anyone is ever interested in the desert by the beach.

If you ever get tired of that place you can get day passes to Sandbanks provincial park and their beaches. One day we took a trip into Toronto to go to the Ontario Science Center (very cool place) and pay a visit afterwards to some friends in Ajax.

At the science center they had (among 850 other things) these plastic rods set in a large frame that you could press your face (or any other body part) into and see a relief image on the other side. It's pretty freaky. If you're ever in the area take a day and visit the place, it's very cool, especially for kids.

The weather was great and it was fun camping with a DVD player and a microwave (not to mention a toilet and electricity). I don't think I've ever done that. In fact, I don't think what we did could qualify as camping!

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