Monday, August 21, 2006

Reservoir Dogs - The Game

Yet another of my favorite movies turned into a game! It lets you play out all the stuff we never got to see, like where does Mr Pink stash the loot, how did Mr Blond get the cop back to the warehouse, etc.. (I'm just parroting the trailer below, take a peek).

It actually plays pretty good, the intro tutorial level to Resevoir Dogs is like "How to rob a bank 101" (kinda creepy now that I think of it). It has your character playing paintball in order to learn how to duck and cover. You can do that stuff that bank robbers call "crowd control" by pointing your gun at everyone and telling them all the bad things you're gonna do to people unless they capitulate. There's a thing where you can move people around by pointing your gun at them and then aiming them in the direction you want them to go, first time I've seen that in a game. If the cops show up you can take a hostage and beat them until the police drop their guns (yeah right) and back away. Nasty subject matter, definitely not for the tots.

At the end of the first level I got a scale ranking. It starts at Psychopath and goes to Career Criminal to Professional with the reasoning that the less you shoot up the place and the people in it, the more of a professional you are. I of course got Psychopath.. Oh well.. Guess a life of crime isn't in the cards for me.

Not a bad game of an excellent movie. I wonder how they rendered the ear-cutting scene? (actually you can watch the trailer down there.. heh heh heh. I'll never listen to "Stuck in the middle with you" the same way again!)

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