Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tripper's most popular Flickr photo

I find it hillarious that his most popular Flickr photo, the one people view or search for over and over again, is still the dead mouse in the trap. I guess the fact that I voted for it 30 times made all the difference! (actually you can't do that on Flickr, but hey, check out those frozen eyeballs!).

Poor rodent... still.. They's rodents.

P.S. When I was looking for the thing, I tried to search Flickr with various dead mousey kinda key words and it turns out taking pics of mouse snuff jobs is quite popular on the web(scary isn't it....)

I've had to resort to traps in the past. Just this winter I caught about 10 of them in my garage, but it turned out that my garage door wasn't closing all the way and the little buggers were probably just coming in to get warm. They saw that nice peice of cheese and SNAP! That's almost like entrapment (hehehehe) . I fixed my door and felt bad when my mouse problem suddenly went away.. I'll probably go to Hell for that..

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