Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I have to start Podcasting our morning breaks

I have to start audio recordings of our morning breaks and start a podcast. They are just too ridiculous. I'm going to use Star Wars names to protect the innocent. This morning Leia sits down and tells us that she had two lesbians sleeping over last night because it was so hot (we have a big heat wave going on down here). So, two hot lesbians eh? I can't let that one just sit there, so I ask some questions and as it turns out they don't have air conditioning and one of them is expecting. They went the sperm donor route (which is like $200 a, uhh, 'donation' apparently, hmm, hey there's a fun job you can do at home and pick your own hours!) and the egg is from the woman that is not carrying the child. I take it this is so both can have some part in the birth of the child. Different eh?
Somehow this translated into discussion of being being attracted to one sex awhile being trapped in the body of the other and the differences between people who are homosexual and those who actually have a desire to have a sex change. I know someone who had a sex change a few years back, and it took a bit of getting used too, but after awhile, you get over the deep voice and sharing the same rest room and it's right back to normal(kinda).
Then Han pipes up "Man, if I was a woman trapped in a Man's body and I had a sex change, I'd know exactly what to say when it came to picking up a guy in a bar!" And he clarified by doing a little role-playing, he/she picking up a guy in a bar..
"Hey there, let's go back to your place, we'll have meaningless sex, you can leave your shoes on and I won't even call you the next day!" or
"Hey, I used your bathroom but then I put the toilet seat back up!" or
"Sure we can watch Nascar and the three stooges film marathon!"

Basically everything that Han would like a girl to say to him now in a bar... Scary...

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