Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fun with the Ipod wearing only your underwear and a cheetah bathrobe

The other day I tried to load up some songs on my 30GB Ipod, and it said it was FULL. Again... Damn Itunes software doesn't show how much room your checked songs take up (checked songs are the ones that get transferred in my case). So I do what I always do. I delete a pile, hoping to get it under the wire. So Paul McCartney was the first to go. Then some Mozart. Finally some old guitar instructional video audio I had listened too already. Still full? Goodbye Civil War lectures from TTC.
Still Full!! Ok, something was up. I decided it was time to format this sucker and reset. It was 12:30am.. I had work(ok, french class )the next day. This was not a good idea.
at 1:00am the Ipod told me the format and reset was almost done, but it wanted to be plugged into a wall socket when it flipped the firmware around.

Wall socket plug? I haven't seen that thing for two years! I recharge it in my car and on my PC! You gotta be kidding! But there it was, a little graphic on the front LCD of a wall socket and a Little flashing arrow. A search for the wall charger was fruitless, but then I thought, maybe I can trick it into thinking my Monster car charger/FM transmitter is a wall socket. Time to go outside.

Clad only in my FOTL's I grabbed my wife's over sized bathrobe from a pile of laundry near the stairs. It fit! Outside I went, into the car (it was slightly freezing but no snow) and lo and behold, it started to load the new firmware... WOOHOO! But as I was sitting there in the car at 1:12am shivering in my wife's Cheetah bathrobe, the next door neighbor's porch light went on.. And he stepped outside.

I do believe he thought I was a no-gooder stealing my piece of crap 1993 Honda crap-bucket.. But alas, it was just me.. I waved, and he pretended to look in his mailbox and went back in very quickly (we have communal super mailboxes. Maybe he was expecting an important flyer like that Quiznos one that I got last week, yum!).

The update finished, and back in the warm house I went. I have to learn not to start stuff like this after midnight. It always seems to take hours!

I did find a cool way to see the size of the 'checked' files in itunes though. I made a smart playlist, and there was an option to include everything, with a "checked files only" option. And when you give this playlist it's own window, it adds up all the disk space. 27.85GB just about fits..

Ok.. I can go back to liking I-tunes again..


Alison said...

I am think of geting ian ipod and have heard you can down load geocaching info to them. have tried?

Adam Jack said...

Thanks, that helped me in the same bind. I appreciate it, ok except for the mental image of you in your fruities. :-)