Monday, January 22, 2007

The R2-D2 DVD Projector

Screw the batmobile. What I need is this thing. The R2D2 DVD projector. It's a bit undersized, but hey!

I've always wanted a damned full size R2D2, and one day I'll have onel!!!! Heck, I may build one (people who know me will actually take my word that I'm serious about that statement and it will cause them great fits of laughter, but hey, we're talking your very own DROID here! There are tons of freaks like me on the net with scematics and detailed draft drawings of plans, and advice on the best washing machine motors to use for the wheel system! I own a copy of the robot builder's handbook people!!!)

So this thing... It throws your DVD up on a wall, plays your Ipod tunes and a couple of other cool things! Only $2000! Plus you can drive it around your living room! They make a smaller version with a Skype phone hookup and webcam, so you can call it and move it around your house to see what's going on when you're not there. I can think of all kinds of trouble you can get into with this thing. Deleted scenes from American Pie come to mind. Check out this live footage!

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