Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Xbox 360 and Gears of War

I got a line on an X-box 360 the other day. A guy was selling it at cost more or less(there was a boxing week sale last month and many people bought them at $150 off and sold them for retail price without tax, Doh! I hate boxing day!), but he was selling it at 5:00pm on Monday to the first person who showed up at his door with the cash(first come first served). That has to be me I thought.. But my wife started a new job that same day, so there's no way she can come home early on her first day and pick up the kids. So.. I brought the little tykes with me! I loaded the car up with snacks and drove all the way out to the West end to wait for this guy in his driveway. He was late! But I got my X-box 360!!!

I didn't even get out of the car. Just handed him the money out of the window, and popped the box open inside the car to make sure it wasn't full of something non-X-boxish. It came with two game titles, headphones, wireless controller. It's real cool, but I went and got the game I've been hearing so much about. Gears of War.

This game scored a 9.6 at Gamespot, and that's a rare thing. It's all well deserved. When you play this game, sometimes it's like your a crazy CNN camera-guy in Iraq running crouched down in a war zone trying to to get perforated. 5th gen game systems are very impressive indeed. The graphics are ....well. That still you see up on the top. The guy looks like that all the time... With this thing, gone are the days when the cinematic cut scenes look great but the in-game code that chucks polygon around would suck.. They are the same now - and they both don't suck!

Check it out if you get the chance. Take a peek at this game footage I found on Youtube!

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Tripper said...

An article from Slate yesterday claims that Gears of War may well be the best game of the year.

Check it out.