Monday, January 29, 2007

The Stolen Geosquid plate makes an appearance on the net.

Ok, I took this pic about two years ago. Why is that important now? Cause it's one of two pictures on the Internet featuring the GEOSQUID license plate. Mine's the one not posted by a stupid person(although a few of you might disagree).

A year and a half ago someone nicked Geosquid's ultra cool custom license plate, which read of course, his
geocaching moniker: "geosquid". I remember when it got stolen because he sent an email to a local geocaching list about it at the time. A few months before I had seen it for the first time at a geocaching event and thought, "Hey that is Cool!" (That's Tripper lying on the ground pretending to be a hit and run victim, not that I was trying to get anyone in trouble or anything)

Now what kinda freaks would steal a guy's license plate? Especially one that memorable ? Well, stupid people that's who. (One of them's a cute stupid person, but still..uhh, not bright)..

So I cracked my morning paper open this Sunday, and there on page three, is Geosquid, in his Nissan, with his GEOSQUID plate. I had heard he got a new one, that it had cost $100, but why is he in the paper? As his blog would also state, he was checking out his blog's hit stats and followed a track-back to a search engine, that pointed back to some blog, which had a picture from the time of the theft of three 19-20 somethings holding his license plate with a stupid caption like, "Duh, dis is some plate we done stole.. hehehehe".. It was some Carleton U scavenger hunt (Carleton U, where the K stands for quality!)

Well that's cool! Newsworthy too! A pseudo geocaching story, woohoo!

You don't see the pic hoster in the photo, I guess since she posted it, she was taking it, which is too bad because she's right cute(see profile pic below)! Still, we're talking $100 bucks here, and lost time, and at least one police pull-over once he got the plate replaced and it was still showing as stolen.

What's a geocacher to do?

The story generated a ton of traffic to Geosquid's blog, and the suspect's blog(which has shut-down, gee-I-didn't-see that-coming-not-for-one-minute, Oops, too bad I kinda archived it first). I'll agree it's a cool plate. I liked it the first time I saw it but at least I didn't grab a screwdriver and pry it off the front of the car while my Friends snapped pictures!

Moral of the story. Don't steal a geocacher's license plate (even if you're cute!) He'll most likely know where to find you if you're stupid enough to post a pic online. God that made me laugh. I'm laughing now. I guess it's hard to know the guy you're stealing the plate from is a computer security professional. Luck of the draw I guess.


Read about it at Geosquid's blog.

P.S. Hey, I just checked and GS copied her blog to a PDF before it got taken down, check it out!. Not bad, good reading!
P.S.S Ack, she took her profile pic down, I had to go use the waybackmachine to get it. Man, don't people know that once you put something on the net, it's forever!

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So if I can summarize, are you saying she is cute??