Monday, April 23, 2007

Don Ross and Brooke Miller at the Blacksheep Inn

I caught Don Ross and his wife Brooke Miller at the Blacksheep Iin last week. I think it was like, 2 years ago that I first saw them together on a bill before they became an item even. It was a great show of course. Don has this little effects unit now and he does funky wha wha stuff on some songs. He played a lot of Dobro on Brooke's stuff.

She has an album coming out sometime soon. They're spending months just trying to get the perfect tambourine sound or something(grin). She has a new website with some pretty 'interesting' pics on it! I like it!

I came armed with my Nikon D50 all prepared to practice taking concert photos with no flash! That is, set it in semi-manual mode and play with the shutter speed or the F-stop depending on what you're trying to get. I need work. It ain't easy taking pics in the dark. Once and awhile I let a flash go just to get something, but man stage lighting sucks.

The next night I went to John Mayer and the Saturday paper had a great concert photo from the pit. Man. HOW do they DO that! I kinda know the guy that took the photo. I'm gonna have to email him. Neat thing is, all my photos save the cam settings so I can look inside 'em and see what the hell it was set at for any given image.

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Kenmore said...

Some great pics from the show. I like the flashless shots - sets a nice mood for the sscene.

Here are some thoughts to try next time. With no flash, try for a longer shutter speed. 1/10th of a sec. may get some hand blur but it will let more light into the shot and brighten it up. For a flash shot, try and back up from the subject and then take a longer exposure (> 1/60th sec). At a longer distance from the stage, the bright flash will have less effect (but still some) and the slower shutter speed will allow some of the ambient stage lights to come into play.