Friday, April 13, 2007

King Kong Gilligan's Island

Last week I had a dream about Gilligan's Island. I sometimes catch this the odd time on Deja View(I love that channel because it shows all those old TV programs I watched as a kid). Well, it was a cross between Gilligan's Island and King Kong. The rest of the castaways had been kidnapped by cannibals again so the professor and I hatched a plan to save them.
Together we constructed a 40 foot King Kong robot out of bamboo and the radio (thank god for that freakin' radio! It gets cannibalized every second show, not unlike the castaways in a matter of speaking) and covered it with fur using all of Mrs Howell's fur coats. She had like, hundred's of them with her for some reason, this being a three hour tour in the tropics and all.
It was built tied up between two huge palm trees and when it was done we climbed up each tree, cut the ropes and entered the robot through it's ears and each took a seat on one of two bamboo stationary bicycles set directly behind each eye hole in the head(so we could see). A complicated series of vines and pulleys caused the legs to walk as we pedaled and we could cause it to turn if one of us simply pedalled slower. It was kind of walking in a three legged race. We practiced for awhile in the castaway's camp, pretty much knocking over every hut in the place because we sucked at first (we both though this wasn't a very big deal and agreed that we could go live in the cave after - once that giant hairy spider was outta there).
Anyhow, we walked it over to where the Cannibals were and scared the bejesus out of them with it, stepping on a few of them in the process. The rest of them all took off in their big dugout canoes, never to return. Everyone was safe, except for Gilligan, who actually wasn't there.

I was telling someone this and she remarked to me that I must have been Gilligan, because, he wasn't there. I had taken his place on the show and I said

"No way, he's too much of a dork!"

It's the ice cream before bed that does it.

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Man that Maryanne is HOT!