Monday, April 02, 2007

I want Nuggas!

My wife took the kids to the SCI and Tech museum last Friday, it being a PD day and all. Right outside the museum, next to that big Titan rocket ship, is a McDonalds. A McDonalds with a playpark(I hope everyone has had a chance to watch SuperSize Me). So they go through the drive-through.
My youngest (2 and a half) is going through a stage where she likes to yell words she knows, very loud. Acually I should clarify that, words she thinks she knows. One of these wods is a variation of the McDonald's delicacy the "McNugget". She McThinks she McKnows it but she McSays it wrong.
When they got to the drivethrough box that you scream your order through and my wife asks her what she wants she yells "NUGGAS!".... She actually means "Nuggets" as in Chicken McNuggets. But she doesn't say that - she screams "NUGGAS!" again. It's a nice day outside and the windows are down and there are some young black teenagers hanging around in the parking lot. They are not impressed.

My wife tries to correct her .
"No you mean Nuuuggeeets.."

Zoom! Thanks for the order, Outta there! We'll work on the pronunciation later!

Here's an audio snippet.


No we're not Klansmen. This is Canada goddammit! I can't bring myself to even say the N-word. By the way checkout this blog I found looking for a pic of a McNugget! It's called the Food Pornographer.

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GWilliker said...

that link you posted reminded me of a book i saw a couple years ago. this dude took a picture of everything he ate in a year and create this book to document it. i flipped through it and it was really cool. that's crazy dedication. check it: