Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Foot Fungus Fiasco

My old colleague Mike actually gave another co-worker foot fungus. How is this possible you ask? Well, it's a simple story.

After lunchtime hockey a few weeks ago, a certain agitator we'll call Mr G waited until Mike was coming out clean from the shower and proceeded to squirt shower soap at him ( some kind of homo-erotic thing happening I think)

"Hah hah hah, very funny!" Said Mike
Not satisfied with that type of response, Mr G then proceeded to squirt shower soap onto Mike's folded work clothes.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhh.. WTF!!!!!" said Mike (probably, I missed it all and it's complete hearsay). Mr. G cackled and then exited the change room area.

In the absence of Mr G, Mike took said shower soap and emptied it into both of Mr G's Hockey shoes, which, when not on his feet, reside in said change room. After which they sat overnight, allowing the soap to penetrate the deep dark crevasses. The next day Mr. G attempted to wear his hockey shoes and discovered the thick soapy viscous. He swore at Mike and then blasted them with water to form a never-ending lather in an attempt to rinse them and then just gave up and wore them (without socks, because they were now wet) out into the parking lot for lunch time hockey. It was raining that day.
The whole game as Mr G. ran about, he left a trail of soap suds. A few days after, he ran into one of the guys and told them. (loose quote)

"Mike friggin gave me foot fungus when he *&^$%^& filled my shoes with that shampoo &^%$*!! I tried some of my kids ass cream but it didn't do anything! &^$^*(! That was childish and uncalled for!"

I never knew you could give someone foot fungus like that.

Kinda reminds me of Christian Rudder's old Stinky Feet project

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