Monday, April 02, 2007

My Ebay account got hacked!

It's been a crummy month for electronic vandalism. I got an email from ebay today, about an A26 TKO NOTICE saying that they restored my account to a previous date because it was accessed by unauthorized persons. Basically I had a lame-o password for Ebay and the bastards brute-forced it. Fortunately I have a secure password for my paypal and a different secure password for the email account my ebay profile uses. So they can't do too much monetarily. In fact, no damage was done. They appear to have changed my Ebay password and associated email account and then put a bunch of shite up for sale under my userid just so they can keep the money and not send anything leaving my userid holding the bag so to speak. Pretty nice of Ebay to catch this. It was unusual activity for my account.

To get back in I had to wait 20 minutes in an electronic queue for their live web chat help and some guy named Alex got me up and running again after a small question and answer.

People that do this sort of thing need to be reminded that a real world exists outside of the electronic one they're trying to rip people off in. Will someone please give me a name, address and a baseball bat?


Note to self, it's not just your money-site and email passwords that have to be secure. I'm glad I keep them all seperate. Good time to change them all (again).

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