Saturday, April 28, 2007

GAG10 -Go and Get Em 10!!!

Gag 10 was a blast, as always! My favorite part being the night-caching which takes place the Friday evening before. There were a lot of little micro cches this time around, which I'm not a big fan of, but Geocaching is like sex or pizza. Even if it's bad it's still pretty good! So we braved the ditches and parking lots and we found us some little micro-caches!

At one point in the evening, we found us a little Doller-rama shopping cart mini and we had some fun with that. They are much harder to race than the full-sized carts, and this type of thing should be left to semi professional amatuers like ourselves.

A large number of the caches this time around were Gnome themed, in honor of the organizers, who routinely put out Gnome caches in and around Ottawa. One of my favorites had to be "Gnome's Catapult", which was a fully functioning trebuchet (until it broke that is(grin)).

We ran into many cachers on the road and in the forest, and in parking lots all over Ottawa. It's always fun to meet new people. It's not too often that you can be walking down some deep dank dark forest path, come across about 7 faceless headlamps lighting you up from 60 feet away like you're being interrogated and then go "Hey guys! how many you guy got so far?"...

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