Thursday, February 02, 2006

Survivor Panama EP 1

Survivor 12, Panama. Well, has it been 6 months already? Man, I love this show! Say what you want about how crappy reality TV is, this was one of the first ones to catch on and start the craze. Survivor is like pizza or sex. Even when it's bad it's still pretty good.
It still makes me mad when the weak couch potatoes vote off people who actually aren't afraid of crunchy leaves and bugs and can probably survive outdoors without anyone's help. Happens every time (like it did tonight).
Tonight Heart-attack-waiting-to-happen Cirie managed to get the other two spineless jellyfish in her group to vote off the lumberjack lady. I hope to hell they keep these existing groups together for at least 4 episodes because voting off the strongest person on their team should garentee them all a quick exit (but I don't think that will happen, they'll shove them into two groups soon to compete in the bigger challenges)
Cirie is so overweight they had to have a moving blur matte on at least two parts of her body at all times when she's in a bathing suit, because of all the stuff trying to fall out around the edges. Yeah, I want her on my team. She's really gonna help in those extreme challenges. She'll probably go far in the game too. People like to keep other people around who they can beat! ARG!!!!
I love the team of shrinks who pick the contestants! They got a 3-pack a day smoker on the show! They took away his cigs! He is gonna KILL someone in the next episode(grin).

And don't these losers learn how to make fire or a shelter before they go on the show? Three of the teams got flint and all three proceeded to hold the flint in one hand, over tinder, and then tried to hit the flint(did I mention they were holding it in their hand?) with the machette. The team of young guys couldn't even start a fire! Someone is gonna cut their hand off(grin). I reccomend that they should have all read this...


I can't wait for it to rain!

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