Friday, February 24, 2006


Where were you when the little 4.5 earthquake hit Ottawa Friday? I was in the auditorium of my old GHS High School watching a moderatly crummy talent show my brother was in (he was great!). The floor started to shake a bit and I just figured it was the teenagers stampeding up and down the aisles at intermission. But nope, found out soon after it was a real earthquake and everything.

My favorite earthquake was sometime in the late 80's. I was watching something on TV and all of a sudden the couch started going up and down, I turned to see my brother, who had just walked in, standing there looking dazed and I thought he was lifting the couch up and down so I started to yell at him. Turns out the whole house was shaking so we ran outside and my Dad'S truck is sitting there in the driveway, bouncing on it's shocks. The lady from France next door came out of her house screaming. She was waiting for cracks to open up in the ground and start swallowing us up, but that didn't happen(she went back to France the next year). Funiest part was that my Dad was in the tub and he hightailed it out when teh water started to slosh over the sides.


I like earthquakes. Little ones at least.. My Palestinian freind Tarek from college told me ages ago (haven't seen him in like 15 years) that earthquakes occur everytime men get together and have sex with each other (Which might explain why San Fransico is on a fault-line). Watch Brokeback mountain win the Oscar this year!

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