Friday, February 03, 2006

Funerals and people who like them(like me!)

There's a funeral today for a guy I used to work with. He retired about 8 years ago. I never knew how old he was back then but according to the obit, he must have retired at age 71, which is pretty rare where I am. Most here are out between 55-58 years of age(I'm talking retirement, not death). Some people in the office that worked close with him aren't going to it because they don't 'like' funerals.

So does everyone feel this way? Who actually 'likes' funerals anyhow? Well.. Sometime I don't mind them. It sucks when it's close family or some shocking death that should never happen, but when it's some 90 year old french aunt (I call them Ma-tants - not Mutants, but french for 'My Aunt') who is up there and it,S quite a natural thing, it's not so bad.
Plus, they always serve these really cool little triangular sandwiches. When I was a kid I called them dead people sandwiches ( actually, I still call them that). They're ussually egg salad, or chicken or ham salad ones. I was at a wedding years ago and I told my wife "Look, they got dead people sandwiches!" and the wedding organizer did not understand it was a compliment (sigh). You also see folks you haven't seen in years at these things, and everyone says the same thing.. "We should try to get together like this when someone doesn't die..."

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