Friday, February 17, 2006

Misunderstanding of the day. Evil 6-armed cyborg monkeys

JD walked into my office today and I thought I heard him ask me "Where do you think mass production will be in 10 years?"

So I thought about it for 1 second and figured that we'd probably do away with regular robots and machines and stuff and just DNA special order tons of 6 armed little cyborgian monkey-like creatures (like maybe something in a lemur) who will sit on assembly lines and put stuff together. We can feed them banana sludge through little IV's so they don't have to get up to get something to eat and they can just let nature take it's course through a huge grate on the assembly line floor. Of course in 20 more years, they'll get tired of that, rebel, take over the world and it will be like The planet of the apes, except with little IV dripping evil cyborg monkeys who will round us up and make us mass produce IV tubes and banana sludge for them.

You can bet Microsoft will have something to do with it

Then JD said.. "What? Robot Monkeys? I said petroleum production. How much do you think gas will be in 10 years?"..


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